Monday, September 23, 2019

Sherlock Holmes Society of India

The inevitable connection between India and Sherlock Holmes is one of the many reasons why Indians love the Great Detective. And when there are admirers, there is likely to be a congregation of such admirers.

That's how the Sherlock Holmes Society of India was formed, back in 2001.

We are a relatively new society when compared to the ones in the UK or the USA or Japan - but we love him no less!

The SHSI - as we fondly call the Sherlock Holmes Society of India - does have some achievements under its proverbial belt. We have had our own website and e-magazine for several years now. Our website crashed recently, and while we do have a team of experts looking into the matter and trying to figure out if it can be saved and reloaded, I thought it might be a good time to update and upgrade.

Hence this new website, which will (hopefully) be more streamlined and easier to navigate. Do forgive me for any bumps along the road - I'm not a technical person, nor particularly tech-savvy. I'm told that's not necessarily a handicap, though. It might end up making the new site easier for our readers.

For starters, there is a tab near the top which will take you directly to all previous issues of our e-magazine - "Proceedings of the Pondicherry Lodge". It is one thing I am super-proud of. I will keep updating this twice a year when the new issues are released.

All the content of the earlier website can be found under the head "Old is Gold" - it is a work in progress - please bear with me as I retrieve old posts and rehabilitate them. If we are able to get the earlier website to work, I'll add a link here.

There is also a couple of new pages - "Our History" and "Become a Member". These will tell you about SHSI and how to become a member. Anyone can be a member - all we ask for is an affinity to Sherlock Holmes in any of his avatars.