Want to join the Sherlock Holmes Society of India?

Anyone can.

Age no bar. Sex no bar. Race no bar. Language no bar. Location no bar. Religion no bar. There are no bars at all.

Except one. We do ask that you like Sherlock Holmes - degree of affection no bar. Which version/avatar of Sherlock Holmes? Any. Any at all. As the lovely Baker Street Babes say - "All Holmes is good Holmes."

Will update this section soon with a step by step process - for now, you can look up our Yahoo! Group - which is the core membership platform, and our Facebook page, which is the most interactive one.


  1. Well done with this! Presumably no Grimesby Roylotts should apply?

  2. Certainly...also not allowed are stories, Canonical or otherwise, involving incestuous stepfathers, Indian swamp adders or other venomous creatures...